The new Reno Tahoe campaign tagline unveiled

That’s right, we have settled on a new marketing campaign slogan for the destination: Reno Tahoe USA … Far from expected
Far from expected conveys the almost universal reaction that new or recent visitors have after experiencing our region.

Coming soon …

You remember those words as a kid right? The excitement of Saturday morning cartoons and the inevitable ad for a new TV show or movie that got you all worked up? The RSCVA Marketing Department realizes that many in the community are interested in what the next steps are in the new tourism marketing campaign developed by the organization and our community stakeholders.

About that tagline …

On Thursday, the RSCVA Board approved a new logo, look and campaign for marketing the Reno Tahoe region. The decision was unanimous that the RSCVA should proceed with marketing the region under the brand platform of “refreshingly offbeat” and move ahead quickly with our program to make the region stand out better as a tourist(…)

A new brand strategy for Reno Tahoe

What does this mean for locals? Local residents should understand that the RSCVA along with its numerous stakeholders are working to develop a brand promise that resonates with visitors, tourists. Locals need to think about this new brand direction like a tourist would, not how a local resident would. The mission of the RSCVA is(…)